The Building and Property Committee shall:
a. Maintain all facilities of the Islamic Center including the Mosque, cemetery and all other properties.
b. Be responsible for cleaning and maintaining the Mosque, the social hall and kitchen, the parking lot and the yard.
c. Coordinate the rental of the social hall and other Islamic Center properties. Collect and turn over the rental income to the Treasurer.
d. Ensure the security and safety of all Islamic Center properties.
e. Maintain janitorial supplies, kitchen supplies and paper products.
f. Recording of the cemetery lots and the receipt of proceeds from their sales.
The Education Committee will operate under the guidance of the Imam to perform the following:
a. Supervise religious educational programs for Muslim children at the Islamic Center and establish policies
and procedures for the school.
b. Develop and implement a curriculum of study for religious education at the Islamic school.
c. Appoint qualified teachers for the Islamic school.
d. Procure supplies of books and teaching material.
e. Arrange meetings with the parents to evaluate performance of the students and obtain their input
regarding effectiveness of the education.
f. Organize graduation celebrations and give achievement awards to outstanding students.
g. Organize programs and exhibits involving children to promote the understanding of the Islamic faith
among them and prepare them to meet the challenges they will face as young adults in this society.
h. Appoint a qualified librarian to maintain the organization of books, cassettes and video tapes in
the library and formulate proper lending and returning procedures to ensure the security of all library
equipment and material.
i. Recommend fees such as tuition, etc. for consideration by the Board of Directors and coordinate
schoool registration with the Membership Development Committee.

The Budget and Finance Committee shall:
a. Prepare an annual budget by March 15 for the next year for submission to the Board of Directors.
b. Prepare the income statement, audited by qualified personnel appointed by the Chairman of the Board of Trustees in consultation with the Chairman of the Board of Directors, for submission to the Board of Directors ten (10) days before the annual Mosque Assembly.
c. Plan and forecast the budget of other special projects of the Islamic Center.
The duties of the Fund Raising Committee shall be:
a. Provide the means for raising funds for the Islamic Center through pledges, donations and special events.
The Membership Development Committee shall:
a. Promote and solicit membership in the Islamic Center.
b. Encourage attendance by members of the community at the Islamic Center’s programs and activities.
c. Welcome and assist new families moving into the community and introduce them to the Islamic Center membership.
The Public Relations / Communication Committee shall:
a. Publish a monthly newsletter of the Islamic Center’s activities.
b. Develop and maintain the Islamic Center web site.
c. Monitor newspapers, periodicals and other media in order to rebut information adverse or contrary to Islam and the Islamic Center.
d. Prepare articles to be released to the media on varoius occasions of Islamic or community significance.
e. Arrange for printing and distribution of Islamic literature, instructional material, brochures, leaflets, Eid cards, calendars, etc.
f. Arrange for guest speakers, forums and seminars.
Ensure proper announcements and advertisements for the activities of the Islamic Center.
The Social Services Committee shall:
a. Organize programs jointly with the Education Committee on religious holidays.
b. Organize Ramadan programs such as Iftar, Suhur, I’tikaf, Qiam-ul-Lail, Eid etc.
c. Organize programs to promote brotherhood and understanding among both Muslim and non-Muslim community members such as picnics and other cultural events including the Annual Spring Dinner, Fatiyer Sales, Bazaars and other fund raising events.
d. Provide assistance programs for needy Muslims.