ICCR Dress Code & Premise Regulations

Policy / Procedure: ICCR Dress Code & Premise Regulations

Date Documented: July 11, 2007

The Islamic Center of Cedar Rapids kindly requests all members and visitors to comply with its dress attire and codes of conduct.

While visiting the Mosque, we appreciate your cooperation and compliance to the rules and regulations of the Mosque as follows:


· Girls and women shall be modestly dressed; e.g. loose dress (covering the arms and legs) and a scarf covering the head and neck are required before entering the Islamic Center.

· Boys and men shall tastefully be dressed (pants should cover past the knees).

· Footwear shall be removed upon entering the prayer room.


· The Islamic Center is a no smoking zone at all times which includes the parking lot and playground areas.

· Inappropriate language is forbidden.

· Running and shouting shall not be allowed anywhere inside the premises.

· Food and beverages may only be consumed in the kitchen, social hall, outside of the building or in designated areas.

· Intoxicated persons are not allowed to enter the Islamic Center and if found on the premises, they will be evicted immediately or law enforcement authorities will be called.

· Please turn off all cell phones before entering the prayer room